About Us

We have been providing excellent nail care service since six years ago, when we opened. Customers seek us for our expertise in nail design- we create our designs, simple or intricate by hand and on the spot. We have relied on word of mouth to grow our clientele- but it is about time Denver knows how famous we are for our creative designs.

Amazing customer service, a clean environment to relax in and professionalism of our technicians are other qualities our salon has- so come and try for yourself! Or if you prefer, read what one of our customers thinks about us:

“This salon offers inexpensive services and has a modern clean bright atmosphere, serving the Southwest area for over 12 years, the Denver location for 7 years, with many followers with the expert service by the highly experienced nail technicians.

Each technician has their own unique skills due to their experience in the industry. Their skills include unique nails designs from freeform, decals and personalized designs to meet the customer’s requests. The personalities and quality of work reflects with the services they provide, they take pride in their work.

This salon is known for the expert customer service, their attentiveness is shown to each and every customer that comes in. The owner Jessica is known to have the ability to remember each and every person’s name, from their friends to family and expresses it each visit.

The salon strives to ensure the salon is always clean and maintains all guidelines. The salon offers and continues to keep up with every new style and trends of services, from nails to waxing to pedicures and products.”

-Janet Farris